Estate Planning Basics

Estate Planning Basics The idea and practice of estate planning can confuse and intimidate.  Because multiple misconceptions surround estate planning, we felt an estate planning basics article was necessary to embolden the average person to take charge of their future. One misconception people hold is the idea that estate planning is just for the elderly.  […]

The VA’s New Definition Of Custodial Care

As some of my loyal readers know, I regularly peruse the VA’s Web Automated Reference Material System. WARMS, as I affectionately call it, houses VA employee manuals. These manuals direct VA employees on how to properly adjudicate claims. WARMS is updated regularly and provides valuable insight into how the VA should be operating on any given […]

Marginal Employment And TDIU

A fundamental tenet of TDIU is the unemployability of the claimant.  To receive a greater monthly benefit than the scheduler rating dictates, the VA says that the claimant must demonstrate, through medical records and other evidence, an inability to work. Unemployability and the inability to work, however, are not categorical or clear-cut.  I’ve already written […]


The Department of Veterans Affairs makes many mistakes when deciding benefits claims.  The numbers are staggering.  And while the VA asserts that errors are in decline, a claimant should always be prepared to receive a denial letter.  Denial letters are, unfortunately, part and parcel of dealing with the VA. Given that a claimant stands a […]

Special Monthly Pension With Aid And Attendance

Detailed and well researched studies show that one reason people don’t like bureaucrats, doctors, and lawyers is because these professionals use jargon and complicated industry speak.  While maybe a surprise to these well educated professionals, most people prefer clear explanations that use everyday language to explain a concept.  If you can’t explain something to a […]

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