Applying For Aid And Attendance: Do’s And Don’ts

Applying for Aid and Attendance benefits can be a confusing and time consuming process. The VA is actually improving their turn-around time on new claims but the red-tape still exists. This article should help you properly complete a claim for VA Aid and Attendance pension benefits. However, I first recommend making sure you qualify for […]

Aid And Attendance Qualifications

The aid and attendance qualifications are deceptively simple.  During my consultations with clients, I can list and explain the aid and attendance qualifications in a matter of minutes.  The families usually understand what makes a good candidate. But there are two main issues that confuse the aid and attendance qualifications for prospective applicants and families. […]

VA Form 21-686c — Status of Dependents

VA Form 21-686c is the Declaration of Status of Dependents Form.  Unlike many of the forms I write about, VA Form 21-686c is used for aid and attendance pension benefits and compensation benefits. The 686c is an important form.  Veterans receive more money from the Department of Veterans Affairs if they have dependents.  The more […]

Aid And Attendance Application: The Ultimate Guide

I’ve written many helpful articles on VA Aid and Attendance pension benefits.  The information provided in previous blog articles can certainly assist a person interested in learning about Department of Veterans Affairs pension benefits.  However, these articles are not all on one page and some are years old.  Therefore, I’ve decided to create the ultimate […]

Pennsylvania Irrevocable Trust

A Pennsylvania Irrevocable Trust can come in many different shapes and sizes.  Depending on the creator’s goals and specific situation, a Pennsylvania Irrevocable Trust can be drafted in a variety of ways.  The specific language of the trust will depend on a variety of circumstances that are unique to the person creating the trust. This […]

The VA’s New Definition Of Custodial Care

As some of my loyal readers know, I regularly peruse the VA’s Web Automated Reference Material System. WARMS, as I affectionately call it, houses VA employee manuals. These manuals direct VA employees on how to properly adjudicate claims. WARMS is updated regularly and provides valuable insight into how the VA should be operating on any given […]