Online Aid and Attendance Application Tool

I started Eazy Apps so that families could apply for Aid and Attendance benefits quickly and efficiently. Our technology automates the VA application process, which eliminates mistakes and reduces the time needed to submit an application to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The VA application is confusing and over 30 pages. Eazy Apps asks simple questions that are easy to understand. After you’ve answered all the questions, Eazy Apps creates the application. Once you download the completed forms and have them signed, the application is ready to mail to the VA.

To learn more about Eazy Apps and to see how the technology works, visit

In addition to creating the full application, we provide other helpful instructions and tips. For example, if you do not have a DD 214 or Discharge Papers, we instruct on the various ways to obtain a certified copy.

Invaluably, we highly encourage families to submit the Intent to File form as quickly as possible. Our technology generates a fully complete Intent to File form before the rest of the VA claim is ready. This allows families to receive an extra month or more of VA Aid and Attendance benefits.

Families receive the following completed forms by using our VA benefit application tool: the VA Form 21P-527 or 534 EZ, VA Form 21-0845, Care Provider Statements, Physician’s Statements, and the Intent to File form.