Special Needs Planning

If you are the parent of a child with special needs, thinking about how he or she will be provided for when you are gone can be a stressful experience.  Taking steps now, while you still have the ability to help your child, can provide better care in the future.

Pennsylvania law provides the opportunity for parents and others to create Special Needs Trusts for their loved ones.  A Special Needs Trust can supplement the vital public benefits that your loved one currently receives or may receive in the future.  Monies used to fund a Special Needs Trust can provide a standard of living and care above and beyond what public benefits offer.

Multiple types of Special Needs Trusts exist.  These Trusts are crucial if you expect your child with special needs to inherit money, receive a lump-sum payment from Social Security, or settle a lawsuit.

If you’ve purchased a life insurance policy that names your child with special needs as a beneficiary, creating a Special Needs Trust is crucial.  Public benefits like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) look at assets when determining eligibility.  An unprotected inheritance can jeopardize these vital public benefits.

VA Legal Team works to access all available public benefits while protecting your child’s future care, security, and comfort.  It is impractical to rely on other family members to care for your disabled child or adult relatives when you are gone.  VA Legal Team can help ensure your loved ones future is secured.